How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table


Ever wondered what the right table is to achieve that look that you’ve always dreamt of for your dining space? The dining table is a place where people usually use for a lot of purposes, and not just for hearty meals. From playing card games with friends to the kids doing their homework on it to conversing about your opposing opinions and everything in between. The dining table often gets a lot of attention and it’s an investment that will last for years to come, which is why you want to take your time to choose the right one.

Gather around and we’ll show you some factors to take into consideration before your big purchase!

Size Matters

A big component when it comes to selecting the right dining table is to get the correct size, not only for the space but also for the number of people at the table. So, if your dining table is going to go in your kitchen, go with one that’s small enough to allow room to easily move around. Remember, kitchens are well-trafficked rooms. If the table is for your dining room, opt for one that’s as large as space allows. If you have a reasonably sized dining space, you can set a dining table with the accompanying chairs in the middle of the room.

Ergonomically speaking, you need to think about the space around the dining chairs at the table too. If you live in a smaller apartment and you don’t entertain very much, you may find that a small table for two or four is perfect, and that you may even be able to pull up another chair if needed. On the other end of the spectrum if the dining table won’t be used that often and only for large family gatherings, maybe a table with an extension leaf would be ideal.


Ship Shape

The actual shape of the table top and the corresponding legs can have a huge effect not only on the look of the table in the space, but also on how it works. Evaluate the layout of the room so that you can decide on the shape of the table that suits you. The three most popular shapes of dining tables are rectangular, round and square.

  • Rectangular dining tables are the most common. Allowing for more seating space and more versatility in the sense of using a bench in addition to chairs.
  • Round dining tables have always provided a more intimate setting and are often quite a space saver.
  • Square dining tables have the same criteria as round tables. Better suited for a multi-functional space and won’t crowd or overwhelm a smaller space.


Hardwood – If your preference is going for a wood dining table, always opt for hardwood such as Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, or Teak wood instead of composite wood. While engineered woods are durable they’re not as strong or sturdy as hardwood.

Glass – To make a larger impact in a smaller dining space, glass helps to make the space appear much more spacious. Glass is more for minimalists who are looking for a cleaner look; linear and contemporary. Due to the transparency it might not be the right choice for families with young children. If you do choose one just remember to keep the Windex nearby for those pesky fingerprints!

Concrete – Trendy and durable, concrete will never warp, though it may develop hairline cracks that are non-structural and often enhance the beauty of the piece. While corners and edges can chip, it generally takes a heavy object hitting the table to do such damage.

Live-edge – Giving nature’s artistry a new turn, unravelling decade old stories to be heard, it takes efforts and skills to put together live edge wood furniture and hold the natural beauty into place. Creating something unique out of the usual and keeping nature’s beauty intact, live edge wood furniture is a true example of simplicity and perfection. Without fancy joinery and paints, the natural aesthetics of the live edge wood is what makes the furniture exquisite and amazing.


Bang for your Buck

Even if you’re on a budget don’t just go for whats pretty and the right price. At the same time not all great tables are expensive and can still work within your budget. Furniture that you use most often and are essential to your comfort and quality of life are the ones that deserve the most room in your budget.


Its all in the Details

Decorate your table in a refined but reserved style. Don’t keep your heirloom dishware and beautiful dining accessories hidden away in the kitchen. Integrate them into your dining room design, either on your table or on a buffet hutch or sideboard, and give them their chance to shine. Accessorising your table with playful accents in terms of contrasting vases, fun candles or even quirky accessories to help create a focal point.

The best points to look out for when choosing the right table; Aesthetics, form, function and quality. The key is to accurately evaluate your situation, which may be useful in discovering the very best option for your space. Researching the various styles right for your space helps to explore the different looks for your dining space before you make a decision.


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