A good party doesn’t call for just a great guest list. Plenty of room, cosy nooks for people to catch up in and outdoor spaces are also key to make entertaining just as fun and easy! Here are some tips and tricks to hosting a great party! Before inviting everyone over, think about how your space would accommodate to hold the number of guests you expect. Each room plays a role with a specific purpose to provide recreation for different events.

Living room

The living room is generally the entertainment hub of any house. First and foremost, your furniture has to allow for points of entry. Guests who enter a great room (or any room) usually expect the flow of furniture to direct them around the space. For intimate gatherings, this is where most of conversations take place, or even with larger parties that flow into the dining and cocktail rooms, the living room still sees a lot of action. No matter what kind of event you are holding, it is imperative to have enough seating for the guests attending. Choose sofas that double as pull-out sofabeds, and sectionals that feature ottoman pieces that can be used for extra seating. Nesting side tables provide two surface areas but take up the space of just one table at all other times.


Kitchen and Dining Room

One of the most important rooms in any gathering is the dining area; whether in a grand dining room, in a cosy, little kitchen or just at the kitchen island. When having a dinner party in a small apartment or house, a buffet could be the best way to go. You could try staging it in the kitchen so that the table-space isn’t over-crowded with food and dinnerware. At the kitchen island with added counter stools for sitting and casual conversation counter space is worth its volume in gold while entertaining. Folding islands you can pull out for instant serving carts and for more table space. If your coffee table is a bit smaller, consider converting your entry console table into a petit bar or buffet. For entertaining large gatherings consider a table with extensions or leaves to seat more at dining.


Basement/ Entertainment rooms

Sometimes the extra room you’ve always wanted is right under your feet. Whether your basement is a small room or takes up an entire floor of your home, there are plenty of options when it comes to using the space effectively. Maximizing efficiency also means getting the most out of the space, which could mean creating functional storage for seldom-used items. Larger sectionals with feather/down-fill will bring out more of the ‘lounging’ needed for such a space.


Lighting will help to set the mood of your get-together. If you intend on playing card games or having a dinner party, brighter lighting is necessary. For a more laid back party dimmer lighting helps with a more subdued and relaxed mood. Opt for lanterns, candles, and smaller lamps to keep the area lit without overpowering it.

The key is to have pieces that meet both your everyday small-space needs and the occasional entertainment of guests. Create an environment that makes guests feel welcome, comfortable and helps them to enjoy the experience of being in your home.