A Guide to Muse & Merchant’s Custom Sofas

Custom Sofas YOUR way!

A new sofa is the perfect way to freshen up your interior design. Our Muse & Merchant custom sofas are made to fit any style and space. Together we will work with you to find a sofa that will fit in perfectly with your needs. Our sofa’s are manufactured right here in British Columbia, so you can relax knowing that your sofa is high quality and Canadian made.

Check out our guide to ordering a custom made sofa below:

1. Measure Your Space:

Measure your space to see what the maximum measurements that you can work with are. If you are living in a condo or need a slightly smaller sofa, we also offer an apartment size sofa in many of our styles. You should measure your doorway as well to ensure that your sofa will be able to fit into your house.

2. Choose A Style:

Choosing a style can be tough with so many options but keep in mind what will suit your lifestyle and interior design the best.

Rounded arms or clean lines: Rounded arms have a more traditional look but they are very comfortable to lean up against when you’re relaxing. Go for a straight edge arm if you are looking for something with a contemporary feel.

Make sure it’s comfy! Once you’ve found a style that you think would work well in your home you should sit in it for a few minutes to see how it fits you. If you are taller you may want a deeper seat cushion or a more shallow depth if you are petite. Our cushions are available in a standard 2.0 lb high density foam in either medium or firm.

Muse and Merchant Unique Furniture

3. Find a Configuration That Best Suits Your Home:

Our custom made sofas come in many different sizes such as sectionals, sofa beds, apartment size sofas, love seats and occasional chairs. Some are also available in a chaise style or have a matching ottomans.

4. Choose Your Fabric:

We off over 150 different fabrics to choose from. The grade of fabric that you choose will determine the price of your sofa. Fabrics range from grade A – H. This letter does not necessarily determine durability but rather reflects how hard this fabric is to produce. A good indicator of how the fabric will wear is to look at the double rub count. Siting down on your sofa and standing up again would be considered 1 double rub and the fabrics that Stylus produces start at around 5,000 and can go as high as 100,000.

Another factor to consider when you are choosing your fabric is to consider the undertones. Would a warm tone or cooler tone complement your living space? You may want to see how the fabric will look in your home with your lighting and if so, you are more than welcome to sign out a few swatches to take home.

5. Select Your Toss Pillows, Foam Firmness and Upgrades

Our custom made sofas include 1 toss pillow for every arm that you purchase. If you aren’t sure what colour or pattern to use, you can always choose the same fabric as your sofa and then switch up your toss pillows later.

Foam Upgrades:

When you purchase you have the option to upgrade from high density foam to ultra cell foam which has a greater density and can hold more weight. Ultra cell foam also comes in a soft, medium and firm option.

Warranty and All Stain Protection Plan

We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, springs, pro-rated on the foam, and 1 year on both the fabric and exposed wood so you can trust that you are getting high quality furniture that will last.

Opt for our “All-Stain” warranty protection plan to keep your furniture stain free. “All-Stain” coverage includes 5 years for repairs and replacements and 10 years for stain removal. If you don’t make a claim on your order within those 5 years, you are eligible to use the amount that you spent on the protection package on any item from Muse and Merchant that is $500 or more.