Product Feature: Monkey Pod Wood Collection


Muse and Merchant’s Monkey Pod Live Edge Collection of dining tables, consoles, coffee tables and desks are sure to create a dramatic and unique look to any room. These stunning and affordable pieces command attention and conversation. The natural beauty of the tree is magnified to epic proportions and appreciated in everyday use making these pieces double as art pieces.

Muse and Merchant Monkey Pod

Where is your Live Edge Collection from?

Our Live Edge Collection is made using sustainable sourced monkey pod wood from family-owned mills in northern Thailand. Most of the wood is kiln dried for up to 20 days depending on the size. Each piece is one of a kind making it truly a unique statement piece.

What makes a Live Edge piece stand out from other wood furniture pieces?

The outer rings of the slab are the living part of the tree and once the bark is removed, the natural profile of the tree is left intact. The rich contours of this live edge slabs give a sculptural quality and are built to last generations.

Why choose from our Live Edge Collection?

Our Live Edge pieces bring raw nature into your home and become a focal point. Nature in design has a calming effect and wood adds texture, depth and warmth to any space. 

Do all of your stores carry Live Edge?

Each of our Muse and Merchant stores carries these magnificent pieces of functional art. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process in store so you can choose the piece you love.

Muse and Merchant Furniture


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