Is it your turn to host Christmas dinner or a holiday party this year? Take some time now, and prepare yourself before the chaos arrives at your door!

First Impressions

Beautiful wreaths, bright lights and tasteful decorations set the stage at your doorstep. In order to keep the entryway clear, designate a place for your guests to set their coats, jackets, bags and other belongings. Have music playing so that as your guests enter they’re completely at ease and relaxed. Since the dinner party won’t happen in your bedroom, it can be the go-to drop off area. We all notice little things like window streaks, burned-out light bulbs, or even the smallest patch of dirt or debris on the floor; a good deep cleaning is always a great way to prepare and helps make the place *sparkle*.


Plan the Feast

Whether you prefer a formal dining experience or a casual dinner, plan table linens, dinnerware, and serving ware now. Be prepared to pull up more chairs for additional seating for the unexpected guests as well. Upgrading your dining table to one with an extension leaf or 2 is ideal for larger dinner parties and helps save space when the area is not in use. Dining benches provide for more seating and tend to take up less space.

Clear Out the Clutter

If it has no use, does not work and has no sentimental value it’s time to get rid of it. A cluttered space can effect our productivity, creativity, and our peace of mind. People get a real lift once they put things away, clear surfaces, and get rid of things that don’t work or aren’t used. This surge of energy makes it easier to ask more of ourselves, to use our self-control, and to stick to a challenging habit. If there’s furniture in your dining or living room that does not have a specific purpose, hide it away until after the holiday party. A lesser-used area or room may be the simplest to begin with and can therefore yields the quickest rewards. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after just organizing one small part of your house.

Spare Room for a Guest Room

Allow your guests to take on a hotel vibe by being the perfect host. The spare room might just be another room with a bed and nothing more or even just a home office with a sofa bed for the occasional guest. Either way the convenience of having a guest room is appealing to many, especially during the holidays. Bring out the merrier moments with upgrades to your furniture and special guest linens. In a sparsely decorated space simple artwork can brighten a room and some scented candles or even synthetic florals can go a long way.

Accessorize to impress

Get into the comfort of holidays with fluffy blankets and fun toss pillows as you sit by the fire place sipping on a mug of the best egg nog! Changing your home décor for the season can give a few well-placed, holiday-specific decorations a chance to dress up parties from now through the New Year. Make sure lamps and lights are turned on, candles are lit and a place for plopping down and relaxing is at the ready.


Sofa bed at the ready

There is nothing wrong with having guests sleep over in your living room, den or office — just as long as you make them comfortable there. Sofa beds have long been a convenience for many smaller homes and a great space saver. Investing in a quality sofa bed allows you and your guests to rest comfortably for a longer period of time.

Plan entertainment

While many families already have enough entertainment in the family logistics plan for alternate entertainment for guests to enjoy. Added seating such as beanbags are an easy form of amusement for youngsters and adults alike. Make sure there’s added board games or books that are age appropriate to keep everybody including the kids occupied since the entertainment– that’s what it’s all about!

Relax and have fun; Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and happy holiday season!